Raye Leith

Raye Leith has exhibited internationally and nationally, including a solo show at the former Knew Gallery here on Book Hill in 2007. In her current graphite, scroll format "Rescue" drawings, she renders figures toiling together in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In her previous “Blueprint” series, volumetric portraits are knit together in monochrome, indigo blue pastel, with minute narratives of destabilized environments, expressing the anxieties of life on earth.

Raye has lectured on artistic anatomy, perspective and color theory for 35 years, as an adjunct faculty in Theatrical Design at the University of Maryland, and for the Smithsonian Associates, and The McLean Project for the Arts.  She offers day-long painting and drawing workshops bimonthly in our space at 1662 33rd Street.


Micheline Klagsbrun

Klagsbrun’s recent body of work brings together drawings on vellum, large canvases, and three-dimensional wall hangings and sculptural pieces.

“Populated by hybrid forms—natural and human, animate and inanimate— her works are created through the interplay of lines, colors and textures. Permeated with light, they are weightless and evanescent exploring the notion of transformation, thematically and formally…

By staining, pouring, and splashing inks on canvases and vellum sheets, on the one hand, and layering and folding papers into three-dimensional, organic shapes on the other, Klagsbrun arrived at a new vocabulary where the bodies are almost completely distilled in fluid and translucent surfaces.” (Vesela Sretenovic, Senior Curator, Phillips Collection, 2016)

Micheline Klagsbrun studied in Paris with Alfredo Echeverria and at the Corcoran with Gene Davis and Bill Newman. She has exhibited widely, and is in private collections nationally as well as in Europe and the Middle East.

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After a lifetime of exploring the world and nearly 15 years spent in the Middle East, Joseph Hall began painting with purpose in 2011.

His abstract work hangs in corporate and private collections in Washington, New York, Miami and Palm Beach.

Particularly inspired by the compelling contradictions of his many years in Beirut, Hall explores the juxtaposition of the ancient and the present by building layered painted surfaces that beg to be excavated, sanded and scratched to uncover glimpses of the calligraphy, ancient texts and graffiti that lie underneath.



The Tuesday Night Group

The TNG is a fluctuating group of 10-20 members who have met every Tuesday Night for 33 years to draw and paint from life. They represent a diverse range of styles and media. Selected work will is always on view.

TNG Renato Farewell

This December, the Tuesday Night Group celebrates 33 years of meeting every Tuesday night to draw and paint, drink wine and share stories.

The boundaries of the group are flexible: members move away, spend a few years elsewhere, then often find themselves returning, knowing that, however far they have traveled and however many years they have been away, they will still find the group drawing and painting together every Tuesday night.

A Flexible List of Members

  • Alejandro Bermudez-Del-Villar
  • Alvaro Luna
  • Aneta Georgievska-Shine
  • Barry Goodman
  • Bob Cerone
  • Brett Kitchen
  • Carlos Doria
  • Claire Ruppert
  • Dan Lucas
  • David Israel
  • David Yeh
  • Diane Fuchs
  • Diane McDougal
  • Ellie Blank
  • Emmanuel Holder
  • Irene Pantelis
  • Jacob Perkinson
  • James Thomas
  • Jayalakshmi Viswanathan   
  • Joe Carpenter
  • Johnny Dukovich   
  • Kieva Farhi
  • Marc Allen
  • Marilyn Dillihaye
  • Marina Petrovic
  • Mary Jo Lombardo
  • Matt Wuerker
  • Priscilla Nemeth
  • Quoctrung Bui
  • Renato Salazar
  • Ricky Barton
  • Ruslan Yemtsov
  • Sam Freeman 
  • Suann Hecht 
  • Sue Baum
  • Svetlana Bagaudinova
  • Yavar Rzayev
  • Yayo Grassi
  • Yee Man Yu